4 Ways Facebook can help your business

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool. As the world’s largest social network, it helps businesses reach their customer base on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the platform and the data it collects from users, Facebook targeting options are incredibly detailed, with the ability to target the most relevant audience based on interest, demographics, location, behaviour etc. Read below how Facebook can help:

1 - Connect with your customers

Having a Facebook page for your business help you engage with various customers:

-potential customers, attracted to your posts and content on your page

-current customers can keep in touch with your business offers and updates

-former customers stay loyal and are more receptive to your products and services

2 - Collect reviews from your customers

As a local business, you can collect reviews or testimonials from your customers. It drives confidence and boost the value of your business to potential customers.

3 - Improve results in search engines

If your business is struggling to appear on search engines, having a Facebook page will help. Facebook is a powerful domain, and having a business page will rank better in search results.

4 - Market your business with Facebook Groups

Joining a Group can help you establish a solid reputation as an authority in your industry, it also offers opportunities for lead generation, in return for being a valuable and helpful member.

Some advice about how to increase the reach of your posts on Facebook...

It's hard for businesses with Covid and job uncertainty, BUT...Following those points might help you.

Here is my advice to reach out to potential followers and customers:

1- Post frequently: 1 or 2 posts per day with around 5 hours gap in between.

2- Timing: know who is your target audience.

If they commute in the morning, then having posts ready at 8.00-9.30 am is a good slot.

Generally 1-4 pm weekdays in the UK is a good slot.

Think also of evening and weekend posts, when your working audience is at home and online.

3- Avoid too many links, as it reduces the reach of your posts, instead only insert one on your main post, not on your replies.

4- Use quality photos: choose the highest quality images for your ads, and to draw in potential buyers. Could you add a short video? While a video is not the same as being there, it gives the viewer a more realistic look into the work.

5- Add testimonials and review of happy customers to instill trust in your services.

6- Reply to your followers’ questions within a day.

7- We all love a good offer: could you give a discount to new customer, refer a friend bonus?

I would love to hear if you have already used any of these strategies? How did it go? Have you got some tips to share?